Distributed Cognition Comic & Essay #1

Learning With Things + Comic Strips at Hathaway Brown Middle School 

This comic strip that I created with Pixton replicates a time when students utilized their chrome books to discuss questions from a chapter of To Kill A Mockingbird. Mr. Hatcher posted the discussion questions on google classroom and students all have access to this. Students then put the questions in a shared google document where they all could write on. They also shared it with Mr. Hatcher so that he could observe while they were working. Students would put their answers and notes into the document under each question. They could write either with their keyboards or their digital pens. This way Mr. Hatcher can see what they have come up with and it also will be easily accessible to students later if they would like to view it. He also walked around and looked at what students were doing and discussed with them as well. Students seemed to enjoy this and they took turns writing things down on the document. This demonstrates one way technology can improve a classroom.

This connects to the article ”Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification With, Of and Through Technology.” I personally believe that we can learn through technology and learn with it. It is important to remember that this can amplify our knowledge and make us more capable, and should not be a replacement of knowledge (Salomon). It can help make us smarter but should not become a crutch. In this case, it is helping students learn as a way to save and share information and ideas.

Salomon, G. & Perkins, D. (2005)”Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification With, Of and Through Technology.”In: Robert Sternberg and David Preiss (Eds.).Intelligence and Technology: The Impact of Tools on the Nature and Development of Human Abilities. Mahwah, NJ : Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates, Publishers. pp. 71-86.


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