Access to Technology

I am currently at Hathaway Brown middle school and Bedford high school. Because Hathway Brown is more technologically advanced, I chose to talk about that school. Each student has their own technological device so they are in charge of their own but the individual teacher monitors this. I have had numerous conversations with the teacher I am observing, Mr. Hatcher, about how technology has positively impacted their school. Although he does not have a position directly involving technology, after watching him it is quite apparent that everyone at Hathway Brown middle school is immersed in technology. Mr. Hatcher uses the smartboard in his classroom and also monitors while his students use their ipads. 

There are a few people at Hathaway Brown who are involved with overseeing technology in the different grade levels. Some of them include Tara Anderson is the Director of Network Technology, Deante Jones is in charge of the Help Desk & Information Technology Support, and Valerie Yarmesch is the Computer Science Teacher and Computer Science Department Chair.

There is a lot of technology available. Students each have their own ipads that fold into computers paired with a digital pen. Students all have access to the printers in their school and each classroom has a smart board. There is a large quantity of technology that students each have on their own and is dispersed throughout the building. Another thing that I noticed is that the building itself has an interesting piece of technology in the entrances. They have things similar to ipads where you scan your license, fill out basic information, and then it prints onto a sticker badge that guests, like myself, are required to wear. This was something unique that I have yet to see anywhere else. 

From my understanding of the firewall at Hathaway Brown so far, most things that are not educational are blocked from the ipads. In class students cannot access things such as social media. I only have seen the students use their ipads for notetaking and doodling which I find to be great. The IT director is in charge of what students can and cannot see on their ipads. 

I spoke to Mr. Hatcher about technology but if I were to complete this again, I would consider additionally reaching out to some people like Tara Anderson, Deante Jones, Vans Valerie Yarmesch. 


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