Observing in the Classroom

Observing students: 

When observing the students at Hathaway Brown, I noticed a few things. The students utilize their computers, ipads, and digital pens for learning. I noticed that a lot of students take notes on their computers with a digital pen. Several times students were asked to complete discussion questions in small groups. Students would pull up the assignment on google classroom and take notes using these pens which I found interesting. A lot of students learn better when they actually write things out rather than type it so this is a modern compromise to this idea. Students need some sort of device like a computer or ipad and the pen to make this possible. I think that this improves learning because it allows for students to learn in a more hands-on way. Students can also share what they are writing with one another on google docs which I have seen them do during these group discussions.

Observing my cooperating teacher:

I have noticed my teacher using a smart board in his classroom but typically, Mr. Hatcher sits on a desk and has an open conversation with his students without much technology involved. I often see him sitting with a stack of paper next to him and a book in hand. He also does paper and pencil quizzes and tests which I think is less common nowadays. However, he does use the smart board on occasion. He has played a few videos on it. Additionally, he uses google classroom to share assignments with the students. He often asks students to pull up documents during class that relate to what they are learning and discussing. This makes teaching possible by sharing the materials in a more efficient way. From what I have witnessed, these strategies that he has incorporated are effective.


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