“How School Choice Turns Education Into a Commodity” Current Connection

The article “How School Choice Turns Education Into a Commodity” by Jason Blakely focuses a lot on neoliberalism within the school system. The article states that “The goal of neoliberalism is thereby to roll back the state, privatize public services, or (as in the case of vouchers) engineer forms of consumer choice and market discipline in the public sector.” It references how the school system needs to reorganize the public school system due to how corrupt it is. The current is set up in a way where many schools are unfairly defunded or closed. The current system is not productive in any way and this article demands change. 

This article, “How School Choice Turns Education Into a Commodity” by Jason Blakely connects to a modern article titled “The Consequences of Neoliberalism in the Current Pandemic” which explores the ways in which Neoliberalism has negatively impacted our country today in Covid-19.

The abstract of this article states, “This article analyzes how the neoliberal policies, such as the politics of austerity (with considerable cuts to social policy expenditures including medical care and public health services) and the privatization of health services, imposed by many governments on both sides of the North Atlantic, considerably weakened the capacity of the response to the coronavirus pandemic in Italy, Spain, and the United States.” Essentially, neoliberalism, which has played a massive role in education over the course of our history as exposed in our assigned reading, has additionally thoroughly impacted other aspects of our world, such as coronavirus. 

Neoliberalism has had a massive impact on our country. The article references that the growth in neoliberalism in our movement in our country has significantly reduced society’s capability to properly handle the pandemic. We see this through examples such as the cutting of public funds for services that guarantee the population’s well-being, such as medical care and public health service, similar to it affecting education. Most health care is private which has been further expanded according to the neoliberal ideology.

My article criticizes our country’s readiness to deal with the pandemic due to some of the neoliberalist policies currently being implemented. This is similar to the way in which the assigned reading exposes how neoliberalism contributes to the ineffectiveness and corruption within the school system. In addition, according to my article, conditions that favor a positive response to the pandemic when looking at the situation globally include: A strong and mature health and social systems, a comprehensive strategy for attacking the epidemic, the ability to detect infected individuals, and attend to those who have had or develop the disease, which involves ensuring that the health system maintains its capacity. This can easily be translated to education. To have an effective educational system, we need to be able to have a strong and mature school system, a comprehensive strategy for helping aid students, the ability to identify every student’s skills and levels of ability, and attend and give resources to those who need help, not just those who are succeeding. 

We must direct help to those who need it, not just those who can afford it. Neoliberalism wants us to funnel money to the rich, who do not necessarily need the resources to combat corona rather than those who are suffering. Like I mentioned, this is similar to how “winning” schools are getting much more resources than “losing” schools.


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